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The Bonsai Club of Ahmedabad is a private club established in 2007 to popularize the art of Bonsai in the city. The club that was started by three Bonsai rookies is now 152 members strong. The club members build and maintain their own personal bonsai collections and get constant guidance and support from the club founders as well as fellow members.

The official WhatsApp group is where the members enthusiastically share their Bonsai/gardening achievements and experiments, seek advice and plan group activities. The supportive environment and helping attitude of senior members make it very easy for new members to quickly build strong affinity towards the art of Bonsai.

The club regularly organizes learning sessions of Bonsai Art, Terrarium, Pot-landscaping, Kokedama, Ikebana etc. The club often invites nationally acclaimed bonsai masters to the city and organizes advanced learning sessions by them. The members frequently plan nursery visits and bonsai exhibition visits to nearby cities.

Interested in becoming part of Ahmedabad’s vibrant and growing bonsai community? Find the membership information below!






Anyone with a keen interest in the art of Bonsai can join the club by paying Rs.5000/- fee for the first year and Rs.1000/year from 2nd year onwards. This will make you a part of club’s official WhatsApp group and an ever-growing bonsai lovers community of Ahmedabad. You will be able to interact with fellow members and get access to various activities organized by the club.

Bonsai for Beginners: Course

The club regularly conducts a beginner’s course for bonsai enthusiasts. The 4-session course is typically conducted on Sunday mornings from 8.30 to 10.30am. By paying a one-time course fee of Rs.4500 (Rs.500 club membership and Rs.4000 course fee) you can attend the course as well as the future repeat sessions. Printed course material and bonsai tools will be provided during the sessions.


Bonsai Workshops

From time-to-time the club organizes bonsai workshops for its members. Club members are encouraged to bring their own plants to the workshop and work under the guidance of experts. Often special workshops are organized for teaching advanced techniques.

The Annual Bonsai Exhibition

The annual bonsai exhibition is an event that the bonsai lovers of the city eagerly await. Various club members enthusiastically exhibit some of the best maintained bonsai trees in the city. Often organized parallel to a garden show, the event is loaded with workshops for beginners as well as experts. The highlight of the event is an innovative competition where gardening and bonsai lovers enthusiastically participate.

The Bonsai Mela

The Bonsai Mela is the newest addition to our list of annual attractions for the bonsai lovers of the city. A few senior club members bulk-purchase pre-bonsai and matured bonsai plants. On the day of the Mela, the plants are displayed for the club members to browse and purchase.