The new batch starts on 2nd June 2024

This is a beginner’s course for bonsai enthusiasts. The 4-session course is regularly repeated throughout the year. All sessions are conducted on Sunday mornings from 8.30 to 10.30am.

By paying a one-time course fee of Rs.5000/- you can attend the course as well as the future repeat sessions. Printed course material and bonsai tools will be provided during the sessions.

The course is followed by workshops. Members can bring their plants to the workshop and work on them under the supervision of experts.

Learning the art of bonsai is a lifelong process. And hence, the approach towards teaching the art is also lifelong.

The teaching begins with theoretic formal training sessions, followed by practical bonsai work on live plants and culminates into constant support and guidance throughout your journey of exploring the ancient art of bonsai.

Who can learn the bonsai art?

Anyone who loves gardening and enjoys spending time with nature. Bonsai is an art of designing a live tree and takes years to master. A tree takes its own time to grow and mature so this is an art for those with patience.

Bonsai plants can grow in a garden, terrace or balcony and not suitable for indoor environment. So, ensure that you have one of these three if you are planning to learn and practice the art.


Basics of the bonsai art

Watering your bonsai tree

Bonsai soil & fertilizing

Bonsai tools & techniques

What will you learn in the course?